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Ion+ Widget for your blog use it now!

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The guys at Adobe recently created a new search engine for developers and designers who may want to find out quickly a better way to solve their problem.

The Ion+ project is still in Beta and you can test by yourself smoothless. But if you want to load this widget on your blog to help the Guys at Adobe spread the idea. Please copy or even inside the widget the source code bellow.



It’s free and you will help Adobe to create a better search mettrics for Developers, the Widget I built only accepts search for terms in Flex development. In other ways to search for all Adobe products you simple go to the site and change your target products.

Brazil starts buzzword on Adobe AIR development

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Brazil starts talk about Adobe AIR, I set up a group while(6mon) ago and now is starting people talking AIR development.

It’s good to see people exploring the AIR benefits.

the AIR-Brazil hits ~100 members

Internationalize your Flash CS3 website

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I found a good project today for internationalization of webapp built in flash. The project use the same technique I used before to my Flex applictions.

It’s still a work in progress but has many features to locale your Flash CS3 webapp.

You can check out from SVN or download the package.

No, not again! Silverlight 2.0 killer of Flex 3?

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Come one where’s this guy came from to write up this article at ColdFusion-Syscon publisher network.

Some quotes of his article.

3. Silverlight 2.0. Despite being called 2.0, this is what we’re thinking of as the first real version of Silverlight. It contains data binding, template support, resource dictionaries, multiple modes of networking support including sockets, the ability to do cross-domain networking (not trivial, but still do-able), and more. I’m sure some people were excited about Python and Ruby support in Silverlight 2.0, but I really was focused on Silverlight 2.0 with C#.

How many times We have to say Flex supports with no glues with .Net framework but ( Python, RoR,,,,javascript,asp.Net,PHP, ColdFusion, Earlang,Java…)

Dude, we already have that in capabilites from Flex 2.0 and a lot more coming to Flash Player 10. Keep in mind that sockets connections are not made by Flex, but from Flash Player.

Why theses M$ consultants still pushes up others developers to say some kind of lie? Flash Player was installed by users when they request not inside Windows Auto-update as microsoft is comming doing.

For sure it was very immature and as same feedback he gave about flex decreasing the image of Flex, keep in mind Flex is an open driver way for RIA application and we have TRUE customers case sucess take a look dude at And than you will see what they are saying and not premessing what should they say.

Buying Y! doesn’t make Silverlight bigger or even better, you have to think about that Other massives video sites contents like youtube,metacafe,eggs,msn uses Flash Player than Silverlight. Be very true when you write up something about a technology you don’t know.

I don’t know any kind of XAML language and how silverlight works, but the concept and technology overview gave me that. I can only say that about a technology, but I don’t lie.

JD, I would like to sleep without read this article,but as you saw before Microsoft dude’s like to shot using others gun power.

Best book for Flex instructors

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I didn’t noticed before, missed some news. Guys released the new version of best book for Flex instructors.

Why I say that?

I’ve been teaching Flex in the past 2 and half years here in Brazil and each people get used to learn Flex I pick up the book as indication and also prepare my classes based on the book.

Why not with official material curriculum from Adobe?

They are wrost and too basic as well. Don’t give the real solutions for real world. The book flex 3 from the source really teach who need to learn and who need to teach.

If you’re seriously how Flex 3 SDK works and, considere my comments and buy this book.

AIR Badge for Wordpress blogs

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The great dude Peter Elst did a great plug-in for bloggers who uses wordpress to quick install air-badge into their blog posts or side bar location.

If you use wordpress and talk a lot about AIR you must install it, easy and stand.

Great job Elst. needs to polish they code

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There’s a new bubble site as we see everything and all of them with same concept, teach people how to do things.

The idea behind the is very plaused and good. But the code inside isn’t. You may say that it’s for beginners is not necessery to have a good quality or even a well polish code.Wrong way!

When you do things to teach people you have to write a good code to maximum explorer the example to many ways.

One of example “i didn’t look into others”, made me wonder for newbie dudes asking quesitons like “What? the data collected in placed directly in the control?”.

Forgive me if I’m too hard but to teach somebody else, please keep in mind all possible questions they come along. People usual ask things you may didn’t think before.

Mr. Forta is aboard as author as anyone can be. Hope mr. Forta give some advices for others authors.

Conside my commentary as positive way.

Flex Data Visualization bug

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I filed a bug found today late night when I trying to create some prototype. Please visit the bug and see if you had the same problem before mine.

I searched before filed the bug and found some other folks having a similar problem, but not same as mine.

My solution was to extend the Class and fix the problem by default changing the value.

Syncplicity great tool for developers

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Syncplicity not only photos or word, excel files like the they says but syncplicity is a great tool for developers, (Windows only). Why?

We use a lot SVN here but image syncronize your source code with the clients who does not have the hability to set up a SVN repository?

That’s where syncplicity enters, also they use the virtual driver interface with Flex. A little shine use but it’s a big start.

offers unlimited storage.
No configuration is required.
Works with the folders & websites you do.
Exclude any folder, keep syncing the rest.
Just one click to sync or share.
One click for intuitive, elegant status

The Web 2.0 world is a little insane to me, because how such company offer many benefits with no costs. Anyway I signed because free services like this should be paid late.

Lots of free icons for your Flex applications

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If you’re like me an specie of “Deviner” = Developer + Designer, who develop your application from back-to-front with no designer help. You should like this comprehensive list of free icons for your Flex applications get a appeal better.

35 (Really) Incredible Free Icon Sets
20+ Free And Fresh Icon Sets
Icons For Your Desktop and Icons For Your Web Designs
Freebies Round-Up: Icons, Buttons and Templates
FreeIconsDownload My best choice in general
1300+ Free And Quality PNG Icons
IconBuffet Free Delivery

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